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1500 W HIGH MU POWER TRIODE 3CX1500A7/8877

tion is satisfactory the tube can again be stored with great as-surance of being a known-good spare. COOLING - The maximum temperature limit for external tube surfaces and the anode core is 250°C. Tube life is prolonged if these areas are maintained at lower temperatures. For full 1500 watts anode dissipation 35.0 cfm of air is required at1R5 @ The Valve Museum1R5. The 1R5 miniature heptode frequency changer was designed for dry battery operation. The exhibit is in the original box that is marked JRC1R5 US Army May 1945. UK production of B7G based valves started a couple of years later than in the USA. The thin glass tube envelope is 17 mm in diameter and, excluding the B7G base pins, is 46 mm tall.5U4G Emission Labs Data SheetDescription This data sheet applies for the 5Z3-Mesh and 5U4G-Mesh, which are electrically identical, apart from the sockets. 5U4G-Mesh uses as Octal Socket socket, of which only five pins are used (and one of those is electrically not connected). 5Z3-Mesh uses a four Pin UX4 socket. These are direct replacements for the historical 5U4G or 5Z3.

6146B Beam Power Tube and Data Sheets

6146B Beam Power Tube and Data Sheets Construction Photos Typical Operating Conditions By Dr. Greg Latta, AA8V. The 6146 beam power tube and its various descendents (6146A, 6146B) was and still is one of the most popular transmitting tubes in amateur radio service. The tube was originally introduced by RCA in an ad in the January, 1952 issue Tube Datasheets800W HIGH MU POWER TRIODE 3CX800A7STORAGE If a tube is to be stored as a spare it should be kept in its original shipping carton, with the original packing ma - terial, to minimize the possibility of handling damage. Before storage a new tube should be operated in the equipment for 100 to 200 hours to establish that it has not been damaged and operates properly.813 Beam Power Tube and Data Sheets813 RCA Data Sheet In .PDF Format or 813 Data Sheets from the RCA TT-5 Transmitting Tube Manual 813 Data Sheet #1 (Includes the base diagram, general specifications, and data for use as an AF power amplifier and modulator 813 Data Sheet #2 (Includes data for use as a plate-modulated push-pull RF power amplifier and as an RF power amplifier and oscillator

Electron Tube Data Sheets - 1 Electron tube Type Brand System Universal Vade-Mecum 1960People also search forfrank's tube dataef86 tube data sheet6gw8 tube data6ea8 tube data6k6 tube data sheet6j5 vacuum tube dataDatasheets Spark tube

Lot of datasheets for tubes that can indicate symbols or other information. All datasheets in one place. RFT, TESTA, GAZOTRON and other.Fiber Cable Datasheets Leviton Network Solutions EuropeOM1 062 (62.5/125µm Multimode Fiber) DataSheet-DownloadArrow-V2. OM2 050 (50/125µm Multimode Fiber) DataSheet-DownloadArrow-V2. OM3 (50/125µm Multimode Fiber) DataSheet-DownloadArrow-V2. OM4 (50/125µm Multimode Fiber) DataSheet-DownloadArrow-V2. Special Environment.GU-74B = 4CX800A tube. Power tetrode 0,8KW 800Watt Hi Tube DatasheetsGU-74B 4CX800A tube. Power tetrode 0.8KW. RuTubes goes on vacation from 11 to 27 April 2018. You can purchase items, but there may be Tube Datasheets

Gas discharge indicator type IN-14 (-14)

Datasheet translated by TubeHobby tubehobby Description Gas discharge indicator is intended for visual indication of electrical signals in digital form in broad kind of equipment. Connection diagram Pins are counted clockwise from pin #1 which is shown by Glass and ceramic tube fusesautomotive glass tube fuses See page 28 and 52 for available assortments. GBB 1/4 x 1-1/4 very fast-acting ceramic tube fuses ABC 1/4 x 1-1/4 fast-acting ceramic tube fuses See page 52 for available assortment. AGC 1/4 x 1-1/4 fast-acting automotive glass tube fuses See pages 27, 28, 32, 35 and 52 for available assortments.Home - TELEFUNKEN ElektroakustikELB4-TK TUBE DATA SHEET Mechanical Base Number Of Pins Heater Requirements - Parameter Heater Voltage Heater Current R.F. Out ut Pentode Noval 9-Pin Indirect by A.C. or D.C. TELE FUN Symbol Value 6.3 760 5.1 0.6 0.15 300 300 -100 0.3 100 Unit mA mA MQ rv1Q mA Direct Interelectrode Capacitances Grid #1 to Cathode Plate to all except Grid #1

How to use 6N1P and 6N2P Russian tube Hi-End vacuum Tube Datasheets

6N1P and 6N2P are the most popular small signal twin triodes in Russian audio. Download datasheet for this tubes here. They was thought as 9 pin replacements for octal 6H8C (6SN7 GT) and 6H9C (6SL7 GT) respectively. Both have built - in shield.Next-Tube. Vacuum tubes and cores datasheetsVacuum tubes and cores datasheets At present time, these data are most complete and exact. They are based on the official help information. Each file contains the information on all updating of a one-tube type also the static and dynamic curves.People also search for3-500z data sheet3-500z tube data sheet3-500z triton tubes3-500z grounded grid3 500z tube specifications3 500z amplifier schematicEmission Labs - 2A3 tube data sheet.Description. This tube is a plug & play, direct replacement for original the RCA 2A3 mono Anode tube. It is nicely designed for the same appearance too. The 2A3-S will bias exactly at the original operating point. For those who whish to operate this tube at a higher power, this is also possible. You can go up to 28Watt Single-Ended, which will Tube Datasheets

People also search for5y3 tubes data sheetgz34 tubes data sheet7591 tube datafast diodes tube amp5u4gb tube datasheet5u4 datasheet6V6 6J5 Class A Vacuum Tube (Valve) Amplifier Circuit Tube Datasheets

Tube Datasheets. 6J5 Datasheet. 6V6 Datasheet. Several construction issues were considered in the building of this amplifier. High power supply voltages, large and leaky inductive components, and high temperatures are among these considerations. I used old tube amplifier chassis.People also search for6146 tube data8950 tube specificationsradio tube numbersvacuum tube sellers12au7 tube specsfranks tube specselectron Tube Data sheets - EElectron tube Type Brand System Data sheet; ETR533 (= F6043) CSF T~ F6043.pdf (1029743 bytes) (fr) ETV561 (= F6047) CSF T~ F6047.pdf (485115 bytes) (fr) EY3000 Tesla R EY3000.pdf (334693 bytes) (cs) EY3000N Tesla R EY3000N.pdf (264601 bytes) (cs) EY500 Philips RPeople also search for6f1 vacuum tube5u4gb tube datasheet80 rectifier tube data sheet6p3p tube equivalent5u4g vacuum tube5u4 tube dataDocuments & Data Sheets - Franklin FibreDocument Downloads - Choose the section below for documents. Data Sheets - Sheet Materials. Data Sheets - Tube Materials. Safety Data Sheets. White Papers. Datasheets - Sheet Materials. Vulcanized Fibre & Fishpaper Technical Data. Lamitex XXX Sheet Data. Lamitex XX Sheet Data.

People also search for6j1 vacuum tube diagramvacuum tube amp schematicamplifier circuit6j1 vacuum tubevox amplifier valve reactor circuityvox amplifier valve circuitry845 @ The Valve Museum

845. This is an original 845 of American manufacture. The label on the side is from the BBC valve section and so has some pedigree. The anode is held by multiple rods welded onto a retaining collar that is clamped to the pinch support tube. This audio power triode has an anode dissipation of 75 Watts and operates with 1250 Volts on the anode.People also search for811a tube data sheet schematic811a tube data sheet5u4 rectifier tubemercury vapor rectifier tube816 rectifier tube voltage dropnew balance walking shoe style comparIN-8-2 Nixie Röhre - Nixie TubeIN-8-2 (-8-2) Nixie Röhre/Nixie Tube. Made by (Melz Tube Factory in Moscow, Russia) A wonderful great looking Nixie tube, made in the eighties. BUY IT HERE!!! The original boxes Example of use IN-8-2 Blue Dream Nixie clock in Black Brilliance Case. At the following pictures you see the IN-8-2 Blue Dream Nixie clock mounted in Tube DatasheetsPeople also search for811a tube data sheet5u4 tube data sheet5y3 tubes data sheetrca tube manuals bunkerrca 45 tube amp572b tubes data3-500Z data sheetThe tube must be protected from severe vibration and shock. SOCKET - The EIMAC SK-410 air system socket and the SK-406 chimney are recommended for use with the 3-500Z. When a socket other than the SK-410 is used, provisions must be made for equivalent cooling of

People also search for829b tube data sheettube 6a8 datasheetrca tube manual rc-20radio tube substitution chart 6gw8rca tube manual rc-21rca tube manufacturing date codesDieters Nixie Tube Data Archive

tube-tester File created by Dieter Waechter Dieters Nixie Tube Data Archive This file is a part of Dieter's Nixie- and display tubes data archive If you have more datasheets, articles, books, pictures or other information about Nixie tubes or other display devices please let me know. Thank you!People also search forcar heater hose sizesmetric air hosemetric fuel hosemetric fuel hose sizesmetric hose fittingmetric vacuum hose sizeThe Big Tube Data Page - Triode USA Tube Amp Kits Tube DatasheetsTry searching the Tube Data Sheet Locator , the world's biggest index of tube datasheets.. Other pages online with tube data Iggy Pop'sRussian Tube Reference page. RCA RC10 tubemanual (1933) complements of Tim Reese and HarvardUniversity. This one has a lot of pages from the European Philips Tube People also search forel34 tube data6l6 tube data6k6 tube data sheet6146 tube data6aq5 tube data sheet6l6 tube data sheetGAS DISCHARGE TUBES (GDTS) - LittelfuseFigures G3-G11 Dimensions for Gas Discharge Tubes Figure G3 Two Electrode 3mm Product Dimensions Figure G4 Two Electrode 5mm Product Dimensions 76 Specications subject to change without notice. ©2016 Littelfuse, Inc. RoHS Compliant, ELV Compliant Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs) 4.2 ± 0.2 (0.165 ± 0.008)

People also search foremission labs 2a3 ampel 34 tube data2a3 tube output2a3 tube amplifierbest 2a3 tubeel 84 tube amplifierVacuum Tubes Datasheets Free Texts Free Download Tube Datasheets

Tubes_Datasheets Language english Mediatype collection Publicdate 2018-06-10 03:12:06 Subject tubes electronics Tubes Datasheets Title Vacuum Tubes Datasheets. Created on. June 10 2018 . narabot Archivist. VIEWS About the New Statistics Total People also search forfrank's tube datafranks tube specsnebraska surplus3m chrome pinstripe tape3m pinstripe tapejameco electronicsTubing Data Sheet (MS-01-107;rev U;en-US;Catalog)Tubing Data 3 TUBING DATA Table 1Fractional Carbon Steel Tubing Allowable working pressures are calculated from an S value of 15 700 psi (108 MPa) for ASTM A179 tubing at 20 to 100°F (28 to 37°C), as listed in ASME B31.3.People also search forfranklin-baynew process fibervirginia carr dana-farber cancer institutewilmington fibreMetal Tubes Datasheets Engineering360Metal Tubes Datasheets. Metal tube ( tubing) is made of metallic elements or alloys and is designed for specific industrial applications. Compared to other types of tubing, metal tube is stronger and most robust, making it better suited for structural applications

People also search forgas discharge tube symbolisolated loop circuit protectionsurge protection symbolscurrent loop circuitavocado animations among usgas discharge theoryThe KT88 / KT66 /6550 Directory

The purpose of this KT88 / KT66 /6550 / KT90 / KT120 page is to give an overview about what KT66, KT88. KT90 and types and brands exist, and what you can do with the this tube. Also the most common electrical circuits are given for KT88 and 6550. For a collection of datasheets, follow the link to 4tubes at the top menu.People also search forglass fuse chartatc3 fuseagc3 fuseglass fuse holderglass fuses sizesglass fuses sizesTechnical Documents - TELEFUNKEN ElektroakustikBlack Diamond Series Vacuum Tubes. 6L6GC-TK Tube Data Sheet. 6550-TK Tube Data Sheet. 6V6-TK Tube Data Sheet. ECC82-TK Tube Data Sheet. E88CC-TK Tube Data Sheet.People also search fornixie tube celsiusnixie in-12 testlarge nixie tube clocknixie tube clock diynixie tube clock kitin 12 nixie tube datasheetTDSL Tube searchSearch form. Key in the code for the valve/tube you wish to search for and click the Query button. You can key in Cyrillic characters to perform the search too. Click here for help on how to enter cyrillic characters if you don't have a keyboard which supports them. Enter valve/tube number. Vacuum tube data only. For schematics list, click here.

People also search fornj7p tube database searchelectronic vacuum tube sellers6sk7 vacuum tube data6sq7 vacuum tube databing homepage quizi dare you to so thereFrank's Electron tube Pages

Tube Number Systems. Tube Bases. American Substitutes for Foreign Types. Foreign Substitutes for American Types. Supplemental stuff. Select one of these flags to go to. the electron Tube Data sheets. The flags correspond with the location of the mirror site.People also search fortube data811a tube data sheetwater soluble maskingtube datasheets duncanmike burch ford blackshear gagross debt service ratio calculatorNJ7P SQL Tube Database QueryNJ7P SQL Tube Database Query. Note Please do not link down into my pages. I change this directory structure often and your links will not work correctly. This is a new server hosted on GoDaddy. It should be much faster than the old server at my house. If you are uncertain about the EIA designator for a particular tube please use the "Index Tube DatasheetsPeople also search fortube datasheets duncan6sk7 tube dasta6n1p tube data7247 tube datagross debt service ratio calculatortube dataBourdon tube pressure gauge, stainless steel For the Tube DatasheetsWIKA data sheet PM 02.02 01/2021 for further approvals see page 5 Description This high-quality Bourdon tube pressure gauge has been designed especially for the process industry. The use of high-quality stainless steel materials and the robust design are geared to applications in the chemical and process engineering industries.

People also search fortube tester ecio model 667 10341 users mhickok tube tester fuse lampjack tube tester model 115type of tube tester in stores7027a tubeweston tube checkerMAX6920 12-Output, 76V, Serial-Interfaced VFD Tube

TUBE SUPPLY CURRENT (IBB) vs. TEMPERATURE (OUTPUTS LOW) MAX6920 toc01 TEMPERATURE (°C)-15 10 35 60 85 110 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.6 1.8 0-40 VBB = 76V VBB = 40V BB = 8V Typical Operating Characteristics maximintegrated Maxim Integrated 4 MAX6920 12-Output, 76V, Serial-Interfaced VFD Tube DriverPeople also search fortubing thickness charttubing pressure rating 316tubing minimum wall thicknesstubing thickness chart visualtubing gauge charttubing compression formulaelectron Tube Data sheets - Sheets- Data sheets are in PDF so you need a pdf reader to view the datasheets. - There are several mirror sites with the same data. You can use the mirror site that is closest to your location. The mirror sites are selected by clicking the flags in the main index page (The one with 'Welcome @ Frank's electron Tube People also search forvacuum tube specification datavacuum tube data sheetsvacuum tube databasevacuum warvacuum tube specsvacuum table paperShuguang Beijing Vacuum Tube Datasheet Analog Vacuum tube 300B-98 is new and improved version of 300B. Direct heating cathode, medium power consumption triode is used for class A amplification. It is dedicated to be used in audio frequency range which requires the output power 100W.

Radio Tube Tester Test Equipment Schematics, Data, and

manual includes operating instructions, tube data sheet and schematic for Triplett 2413 and and Triplett 3212 tube testers. 21 pages, includes settings for many early 4 pin tubes. Increase the value of your tube tester with a printable download of the original instructions and the tube data sheet! Only $5.95. More Triplett/Readrite Data.Sandvik 3R65 Sandvik Materials Technology1 MPa = 1 N/mm 2 a) R p0.2 and R p1.0 correspond to 0.2% offset and 1.0% offset yield strength, respectively. b) Based on L 0 = 5.65 ÖS 0 where L 0 is the original gauge length and S 0 the original cross-section area.. Impact strength. Due to its austenitic microstructure, Sandvik 3R65 has very good impact strength both at room temperature and at cryogenic temperatures.TDSL PE - Duncan AmpsThe TDSL (Tube Data Sheet Locator) Peral Edition provides information right on your PC for a large number of vacuum tubes. Advanced searching facilities help you to compare different types and make substitutes for hard to find vacuum tubes. It is intended to be of interest to amplifier technicians, amp modifiers, hobbyists and students. Tube Datasheets

Tube Data - tubebooks

Tung-Sol databook - 1,028 pages (CAUTION LARGE 28MB PDF file) - This consists of an introduction (including some schematics) and individual tube datasheets, which were in a binder like the RCA HB-3. Includes most of Tung-Sol's tubes made between the 1930s up to 1948.Tube Data Sheet LocatorTube Data Sheet Locator Welcome to the Tube Data Sheet Locator, a popular Web resource for finding data on vacuum tubes. If you have never used this facility before, click the help link on the left for detailed instructions. To search for tube data, simple click the Search link on the left.Tube Datasheetstube datasheets duncanvacuum tube datasheet1629 tube datasheet12be6 tube datasheet27 tube datasheet807 tube datasheetvacuum tube pinout35w4 tube datasheetSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement. For more information, please see here.

Tube Search Schematics 3S4 12AX7 6L6 12Ay7People also search fortube dataresearch data sheettube 6v6 data sheet811a tube data sheet5u4 tube data sheet80 rectifier tube data sheetExplore further

Frank's Electron tube Pagestubedata[Vacuum Tube Cross Reference Table ]Analog MetricanalogmetricTube DatatubebooksFrank's electron Tube Data sheetsfrank.pocnet.netelectron Tube Data sheets - 8frank.pocnet.netRecommended to you based on what's popular Frank's electron Tube Data sheetsData sheet. Welcome @ Frank's. electron Tube Data sheets. Mirror hosted by Gdansk University of Technology - Ryszard Jan Barczynski. Mirror hosted by Pocnet - Patrik Schindler. Mirror hosted by SaSG - Jörg Jan Münter. Mirror hosted by Milbert Amplifiers and David Berning. Mirror hosted by Niclas Lundin. Mirror hosted by Derek Shek.Tubing & Hose Metric - Farnelltube (mm) tube (mm) at 40°C to +20°C 4 2,5 28 25 5 3,031 25 6 4,025 30 8 6 19 50 107,5 24 60 12 9,018 75 14 11,015 80 16 12,018 95 22 17,015 125 28 22,015 160 Working temperature °C Factor 40°C to +20°C 1,00 +30°C 0,83 +40°C 0,75 +50°C 0,64 +60°C 0,57 +80°C 0,47 Polyurethane Tubing O/D I/D Product number tube tube Natural Black Tube Datasheetsdatasheet pitot tube - EuropagesDatasheet Rev.1 June 2015 Pitot tube . Flow sensor for liquids, gases or steam Unique profile shape enables high flow turndowm Dual averaging for better accuracy Low permanent pressure loss One-piece outer tube for optimum strength Long term accuracy unaffected by wear

electron Tube Data sheets - 6 - PoC-Net

Electron tube Type Brand System Data sheet; 6/22AM Ferranti CRT 6-22AM.pdf (93102 bytes) 6/22PM Ferranti CRT 6-22AM.pdf (93102 bytes) 6/22QM Ferranti CRT 6-22AM.pdf (93102 bytes) 6/30L2 Mazda tt 6-30L2.pdf (317815 bytes) 6/32PM Ferranti CRO 6-32PM.pdf (68295 bytes) 6/33AM Tube Datasheetstubebooks - Vintage info from the age of vacuum Base and vacuum tubes employ medium, four-pin thrust type bases suitable for use in estern Electric 143B or similar sockets. The 300B tube has the bayonet pin so located that it may also be mounted in a Western Electric 100M, 115B or similar socket. The tubes may be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position. If mounted in a hori-

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